Sunday, May 31, 2009

Empower your potential, not your problems

This is one of my favorite healthy thoughts. At present, I'm on vacation in Australia taking a much needed break. So, instead of writing new blog posts, this week and next week will be collections of some of my favorite Healthy Thoughts. Enjoy!

What you do makes things happen, but who you are decides what happens.

Don't love unconditionally. Just love!

If we are to have peace on Earth, we must first make peace within our own bodies.

Stop avoiding and start living!

Life is an art, not an act.

Trying to get well quick is like trying to get rich quick.

Health is more than the absence of pain, disease or symptoms.
Health is balance
Health is harmony.

Health isn't something you squeeze in. Health is a priority you plan around.

Live your life as a best seller, not as a rough draft.

You are beautiful and perfect!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's not whether you have the time; it's whether you take the time.

These days, we're all busy. We feel like we can't possibly fit everything in that we want and need to get done. Often, people let let their health take a back seat. That's a challenge I face myself.

For me, lately, the challenge has been taking the time for physical activity. Lots of important things, good things, things that fullfill and enliven me, things that I care about, compete for my time. In the last couple of months, I've traveled to California, opened a new office in Sandpoint, moved my office in Coeur d'Alene, am preparing for a trip to Australia, and am getting ready to publish and market my first book. I also attend Toastmasters meetings and am heavily involved with the Sandpoint Transition Initiative. So...lots on my plate...all important to me.

What has taken a back seat? Exercise. And you need to understand, I love the things I do for exercise -- yoga, hiking and trail running. My busy schedule isn't an avoidance excuse. For me, it's so easy to get wrapped up in everything I perceive that I "gotta" do, that I've often been known to let exercise slide. Over the past few months, I've missed a lot of yoga classes, and I haven't been on the trail as much as I want (and love) to be.

So, last week, I did something important. I prioritized! Lately, the reality of my schedule is that, every week, something is going to be moved to the back burner. Well, I can promise you (and me) one thing, it's not going to be my health. Because, if my health takes a downward turn, so will everything else. If my health stays vibrant, so will everything else...!

You do have the time to live a healthy lifestyle. Take it!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Good health isn't something you can get. You already have it; you need only reveal it.

This is something with which I have extensive personal experience. For over 20 years, I struggled with health challenges. And for most of that 20 years, I was in a fight. Eventually, I figured out what I was fighting. Or, I guess I should say, I finally figured out who I was fighting...myself!

I thought of my disease as something external, something I could defeat. And I thought of health as something I would be able to add to my life once the disease was gone. It took me years to realize that all of the vibrant health I could ever want was already inside of me. I also figured out that the disease was part of me too, and not an external invader. By fighting the disease, I was only fighting myself.

When I tell people my story -- that, at times, I could barely walk due to arthritis pain, then later ran my first marathon at age 49 and took up snowboarding at age 50 -- they ask, "how did you do it?"

That's a really tough question for me; there's no easy answer. My current state of vibrant health isn't a matter of what I did, it's who I became. For years, I "did" lots of things to fight the pain. I bounced from this remedy to that gizmo to this treatment to that drug. Doing never got me anywhere. It wasn't until I decided to love myself as a beautiful and perfect being, and began engaging in a glowingly positive internal dialogue that I was able to reveal the robust health that was shining within me all along.

Always remember this: You are inherently healthy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

One of two things will happen to you today: you will either get a little healthier, or a little less healthy. You get to choose...

"One of two choices?" you ask. "Isn't there a third choice? Staying the same...?"

Nope; there are only two choices. Nothing in between. Ask any business professional or athlete -- you're either growing or shrinking, improving or going downhill. There's no such thing as maintaining. (Why would we want to maintain, anyway, when we can always choose to improve?)

When I tell you that you get to choose, that doesn't mean that your choice needs to be a conscious one. You're making your choice all day long, every day, whether you're thinking about it or not -- what you eat, how physically active you are, how often you have your spine adjusted, how much clear water you drink, how you relax, how much sleep you get, whether or not you engage in a spiritual practice, how much you laugh, and many other choices.

Think back to the choices you made yesterday. Taken as a whole, in which direction did those choices steer you...toward becoming more healthy, or less. What choices will make today...this week...the rest of the year...the rest of your life?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Amid the hype and hysteria surrounding the swine flu, remember one thing: You are inherently healthy.

SARS...bird flu...swine flu...I'm seeing a pattern. The news media and governments worldwide are administering a huge overdose of fear, while overlooking the most important, most obvious and most powerful form of protection available: The human immune system.

We read headlines about measures being taken to fight the swine flu. Governments are mobilizing, schools are closing, athletic events are being canceled and the VP of the United States is publicly advising his family to avoid subways and airplanes. But I have heard nary a whisper about what we can all do to stay healthy.

Aggressive public health measures may be helpful but your immune system is what is most important. Mobilizing government agencies and canceling track meets, while ignoring human immune functioning is akin to a bank installing a state of the art security system and hiring highly trained guards but not bothering to lock the vault.

So don't buy into the fear. Just take care of yourself. Eat fresh, whole natural foods; be active, drink enough water, get enough sleep, remember your spiritual practice, have your spine adjusted regularly and LIVE.

You probably won't get the swine flu. In fact, chances are, you won't even know anyone who gets the swine flu. But even if you do, your immune system is well equipped to see you through.