Friday, February 29, 2008

Empower Your Potential!

Empower your potential, not your problems!

Last Thursday evening at my Toaastmasters meeting, one of our officers passed around a get well card for all of us to sign for a club member who will be undergoing surgery soon. I almost couldn't bring myself to sign it.

Inside the card, in big black type, were the words: "You're sick!" I didn't want to affix my signature to such a disempowering declaration. But the woman the card was for is a very special person to all of us in the club. She is a loving grandmotherly type, is a wonderful speaker and storyteller, and always has a big smile and heartfelt kind words for all of us. So I really wanted to wish her well. What I wrote in the card was:
"You are a beautiful and perfect being!
-- Not sick --
Beautiful and perfect."

While it is true that she has a very serious diagnosis, it is even more true that she has some serious human potential. We all do!

Remember the law of attraction -- what we say and think is what we attract into our lives. Do we want to be laying "sick" on those close to us, and ourselves...or beauty and perfection?

Friday, February 22, 2008

You are Uniquely Beautiful and Perfect!

The most beautiful person you can be is you.

You are a uniquely beautiful and perfect expression of the Divine!

As you follow a spiritual path through life, you reveal more and more of your beauty and perfection to the world and to yourself. Each adventure on your journey reconnects you with the Divine and brings more of you to light. The most beautiful person you can be is you, expressing your beauty and perfection, and offering yourself and humanity the divine gifts that have been entrusted to you to share.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Are You Living an Inspired Life?

Life is an art,
not an act.

There are a couple of ways you can live your life.

The way that most people choose -- usually by default -- is to go through life as though it were an act in a play, written by someone else, reading lines and following the choreography from a script not of their own design, and often not even a script they particularly like.


You can be the artist that creates a life that is your own magnificent work of art. Even if you've been following someone else's script for many years, you can start on your own creation whenever you want. You may have a clear vision or just a vague sense of what you want to create. Either way, the most important thing is to get started. Now!

When an artist first begins a new creation, the final product -- whether it be a painting, a poem or a play -- is always an unknown. Of course the artist will have a concept...a starting point...then as it unfolds, inspiration flows from the great wellspring of creativity that has given birth to every masterpeice ever created.

Following somebody else's script...or...creating your own inspired work of art.
The choice is yours.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Healing is Growth!

Healing is more than overcoming pain and disease. Healing is a continuing, lifelong process of growth and transformation.

Have you ever realized that you are just like the sky...?

Awhile back I was walking around the floating boardwalk at the Coeur d'Alene Resort, gazing at the clouds as I walked. I noticed that clouds at different levels were moving in different directions. The big, puffy ones closest to Earth, as usual, were floating majestically, toward Canfield Butte to the east. The flat ones, higher up, raced northward toward the Rathdrum Prairie. The highest clouds of all—the thin, wispy ones—seemed to be standing still. If you have ever contemplated clouds, you may very well have noticed this phenomenon also. It’s pretty easy to figure out. The wind blows in different directions at different altitudes. It’s all part of Nature’s plan.

Crisscrossing clouds are a great analogy for the mysteries of the healing process. Distinctly wondrous things occur in concert with each other at many levels of your physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual being. Sometimes we can see cumulus, stratus and cirrus clouds all at the same time. On the rainiest days we can only see the towering thunderheads closest to Mother Earth. But just because you can’t see past the rain, that doesn’t mean that nothing is happening beyond it. A lot is going on at every level.

Symptoms are just our first cloud layer. Often they get all of our attention and blind us to the life that still thrives beneath our misery. As the healing process unfolds it is easy to make the mistake of believing that if you are not feeling better, nothing is happening; that whatever you are trying is not working. Try not to make that mistake. Your body’s innate healing wisdom is working. Remember that behind even the darkest, stormiest, most foreboding clouds, the sun is always shining.