Sunday, June 29, 2008

How can we really know the power and beauty of Nature if we always "assist?"

Could I be (gasp!)wrong?

People have asked me some interesting – and valid – questions in the weeks since my little scratch.

Why not just put…
…vitamin E
…a dressing
…this remedy
…that cure
…on it?

What’s wrong with helping it along a bit?

Aren’t you worried about…
…tearing it open?

What if you’re wrong?

All of those questions come from our standard western way of viewing our body and healing. I’m opting to look at the world differently this time, let Nature take her course, and see where that journey takes me. Maybe assisting would really only be interfering. How are we to know if we always assist? I can’t be “wrong” (or “right”) because I am not trying to prejudge the final outcome, and I’m not attached to any particular result.
I’m simply exploring…
…and sharing…
…so we can all learn.

This will be my last healing update for awhile. Visually, the wound looks pretty much the same as last week...and the week before. Miraculous healng is happening beneath the surface; it's just not visible to the eye. No picture this week -- the pictures are looking pretty much the same from week to week, so I won’t post any more until there is a visible difference.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Make health decisions from self love, not ego or fear.

I had to make a very difficult health decision during the last week.

The decision I was faced with was whether or not to let go of a dream…a two year quest…and not participate in Ironman this weekend due to my leg injury. It was a tough decision. I had actually decided more than a week ago not to run. But this week, as the athlete village started going up in City Park, and as the Ironman vibe began to permeate Coeur d'Alene, I began to have second thoughts.
“Well, I know it’s not the smartest thing in the world, but I’ll bet I can gut it out. It’ll probably set my healing back a bit...but I’ll be an Ironman!”
I went for a short run on Tuesday to test drive my bad wheel, and it actually didn’t hurt very much. But…it didn’t feel right. I’m not healed nearly enough to swim, bike and run 140.6 miles, and in my heart and mind, I knew that.

Had I been thinking rationally, I wouldn’t have even considered starting the race. But after two years of eating, sleeping and breathing Ironman, I had allowed it to become my identity. I had grown attached to winning a medal that I could show off, and being able to tell everyone I was an Ironman finisher. I had my story: “Arthritic to Ironman! What a hero! Hooray for Mark!”
Tough to let go of. Pure ego!

I also feared that I would be letting people down. The Ironman community is a close knit one. We train together, we party together, and we support and cheer each other on through good times and bad. I had set a goal and made a commitment…and told everyone about it.
“What will people think if I don’t come through?”

Had I made my decision from a place of ego and fear, I most certainly would have failed to finish the race, and quite likely would have turned a relatively minor injury – and one that is healing beautifully – into a serious one. Luckily, I listened to the quiet, rational voice within me and stayed out of the race.

But I’m still a part of it. If you’re reading this on Sunday morning, I’m out on the course as you read. I’m cheering my fellow triathletes on with as much energy, heart and spirit as if I were running the race myself.

Good luck, my friends!!!

Healing update: I'm healing more and more every day. The wound may not look much better -- in fact, some people have said it looks worse -- but I can innately tell my healing process is continuing to unfold perfectly. Visually, we can only see what is on the surface. Healing takes place at many different levels. And, as I said before, healing is not a smooth, linear process. It's not always easy for us to understand, because it is far more sophisticated, complex and high tech than any technology we humans will ever invent. It is orchestrated by a wisdom that our intellect will never match. So...I am willing to trust...this is perfect!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Healing is like a roller coaster – you may not know what’s over the next hill, but you can be sure it will be pretty exciting!

Healing does not follow a linear path. It is a journey with peaks and valleys…twists and turns. And the healing of my wound is unfolding as quite the journey indeed!

Shortly after my last post, the redness around the wound began to increase in size and became very tender to the touch. I was showing signs of a possible infection. Again, this led me to feel some fear, and I considered resorting to intervening in the healing process. Had I decided upon intervening, it would have been some sort of conservative self care – probably a hot compress – rather than falling back on the conventional medical paradigm.

At this point I suspect that I do have a minor infection but I’m not worried about it because I also have an immune system – standard equipment! The redness is receding significantly and the pain is almost gone. And it’s starting to itch like crazy...a sure sign of healing. What all of this means is that my immune system is keeping me in harmony with my internal and external environment. Is that cool or what!?

This wound is a gift! It’s yet another chapter in a healing saga of many years that has taught me valuable lessons about myself and Spirit. Our bodies are classrooms – universities – vehicles for deeper healing, evolution, transformation, and even ascension.

As my fears surfaced this past week, I turned to my loving partner, Cricket Windsong, who is a practitioner in the Shamanic Arts. Her patient wisdom and guidance allowed me to rediscover some important things that I already knew, but were being obscured by my fears:

I am a being of beauty and perfection!
• Don’t try to judge what beauty and perfection should look like.
• Sometimes intervention can be appropriate, but the decision to intervene must come from a place of love, not fear.
• The wisdom of Nature is brilliant in its simplicity.
• That same breathtaking wisdom is found within my own physical body.
• My healing proceeds in its own perfect time, and not according to what happens to be on my weekly planner.

Oh yeah!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mother Nature packed us a lunch.

(Note: for this week's healing update, scroll down to the bottom of this post.)

There is one nutrient that is more important than any other. It also happens to be the nutrient that is most lacking in the typical American diet.

That key nutrient is life!

Most of the food that Americans eat is processed and lifeless. Processing robs food of its life essence and adds unnecessary -- and often toxic -- man made stuff. This is true not only of junk food but also of packaged “health food” and nutritional supplements.

The simplest and healthiest nutritional plan is to eat what Nature provides -- a balance of fresh, whole, natural foods. That way you don’t need to keep up with the latest ever-changing diet trends, scrutinize complex lists of unpronounceable ingredients or analyze confusing nutritional information.

Include as many organic foods as possible. Most people understand that organic foods are superior to non-organic ones. Organic foods are free of the toxic fertilizers, pesticides, hormones and other chemicals that non-organic foods contain. More importantly, organic foods do not need to rely on artificial means to become delicious and healthful. They grow and develop by maximizing their own life potential, and by expressing their own natural beauty and perfection. Organic foods are more alive.

Another way to maximize the life in your diet is to enjoy foods that are in season and locally grown. The foods that Mother Nature has to offer right now in your own area are in resonance with you—they are tuned to the same frequency. The fruits and vegetables that you bought from your local farmer’s market this morning are playing clear and beautiful music. But the genetically modified produce that was harvested and frozen months ago half way across the continent is coming in fuzzy and dissonant.

The subject of genetically modified foods brings up another a contentions debate. Like so many other discussions, there is voluminous scientific evidence to support either side of the argument. So who should we believe?

Consider this: We know that everything in Nature constantly evolves. Our food supply, both animal and vegetable, has evolved right along with us. Genetically modified foods took a different road and are just another example of a processed food. Just because they poked up out of the soil does not automatically make them healthy. Even the basic ingredients in Twinkies had their start in a fertile field at some point in time.

So keep it simple…eat the lunch that Mother Nature packed!

Healing update: My wound from last week is healing nicely. In fact, I'm healing
beautifully and perfectly! After just one week, you can see a remarkable difference. I still haven't used any external intervention at all -- no antiseptic, antibiotic, ointment, medical attention, bandage, dressing, soap or anything beyond my body's own maginficent innate intelligence. I'll admit that a week ago, about 12 hours after the injury, after the wound reopened and bled more profusely than when the injury happened, I felt fear. I was tempted to seek medical care. It took discipline for me to stick to my plan. It also took a great deal of trust and confidence in my body's ability to self heal. As you can see, my body is worthy of that trust. It's amazing what our bodies can do when allowed to follow Nature's design.