Sunday, June 29, 2008

How can we really know the power and beauty of Nature if we always "assist?"

Could I be (gasp!)wrong?

People have asked me some interesting – and valid – questions in the weeks since my little scratch.

Why not just put…
…vitamin E
…a dressing
…this remedy
…that cure
…on it?

What’s wrong with helping it along a bit?

Aren’t you worried about…
…tearing it open?

What if you’re wrong?

All of those questions come from our standard western way of viewing our body and healing. I’m opting to look at the world differently this time, let Nature take her course, and see where that journey takes me. Maybe assisting would really only be interfering. How are we to know if we always assist? I can’t be “wrong” (or “right”) because I am not trying to prejudge the final outcome, and I’m not attached to any particular result.
I’m simply exploring…
…and sharing…
…so we can all learn.

This will be my last healing update for awhile. Visually, the wound looks pretty much the same as last week...and the week before. Miraculous healng is happening beneath the surface; it's just not visible to the eye. No picture this week -- the pictures are looking pretty much the same from week to week, so I won’t post any more until there is a visible difference.

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Rich Hopkins, Speaker, Author, Coach said...

Have you considered that Mother Nature's way of dealing with things can be death?

Y'know, small scratch gets infected, spreads to rest of limb, then to rest of body, then death. (Assuming you NEVER interfere).

I know you know what you're doing - but at what point does it become an ego thing for you?

Just stay alive for us, OK?