Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mother Nature packed us a lunch.

(Note: for this week's healing update, scroll down to the bottom of this post.)

There is one nutrient that is more important than any other. It also happens to be the nutrient that is most lacking in the typical American diet.

That key nutrient is life!

Most of the food that Americans eat is processed and lifeless. Processing robs food of its life essence and adds unnecessary -- and often toxic -- man made stuff. This is true not only of junk food but also of packaged “health food” and nutritional supplements.

The simplest and healthiest nutritional plan is to eat what Nature provides -- a balance of fresh, whole, natural foods. That way you don’t need to keep up with the latest ever-changing diet trends, scrutinize complex lists of unpronounceable ingredients or analyze confusing nutritional information.

Include as many organic foods as possible. Most people understand that organic foods are superior to non-organic ones. Organic foods are free of the toxic fertilizers, pesticides, hormones and other chemicals that non-organic foods contain. More importantly, organic foods do not need to rely on artificial means to become delicious and healthful. They grow and develop by maximizing their own life potential, and by expressing their own natural beauty and perfection. Organic foods are more alive.

Another way to maximize the life in your diet is to enjoy foods that are in season and locally grown. The foods that Mother Nature has to offer right now in your own area are in resonance with you—they are tuned to the same frequency. The fruits and vegetables that you bought from your local farmer’s market this morning are playing clear and beautiful music. But the genetically modified produce that was harvested and frozen months ago half way across the continent is coming in fuzzy and dissonant.

The subject of genetically modified foods brings up another a contentions debate. Like so many other discussions, there is voluminous scientific evidence to support either side of the argument. So who should we believe?

Consider this: We know that everything in Nature constantly evolves. Our food supply, both animal and vegetable, has evolved right along with us. Genetically modified foods took a different road and are just another example of a processed food. Just because they poked up out of the soil does not automatically make them healthy. Even the basic ingredients in Twinkies had their start in a fertile field at some point in time.

So keep it simple…eat the lunch that Mother Nature packed!

Healing update: My wound from last week is healing nicely. In fact, I'm healing
beautifully and perfectly! After just one week, you can see a remarkable difference. I still haven't used any external intervention at all -- no antiseptic, antibiotic, ointment, medical attention, bandage, dressing, soap or anything beyond my body's own maginficent innate intelligence. I'll admit that a week ago, about 12 hours after the injury, after the wound reopened and bled more profusely than when the injury happened, I felt fear. I was tempted to seek medical care. It took discipline for me to stick to my plan. It also took a great deal of trust and confidence in my body's ability to self heal. As you can see, my body is worthy of that trust. It's amazing what our bodies can do when allowed to follow Nature's design.

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