Friday, May 30, 2008

Time for me to walk the talk.

Here's your chance to observe, through photos, the innate healing wisdom of my body at work.
This past Friday morning I sustained a serious gash to my lower left leg.(See photo below.) My loving son hastened to my side with our large first aid kit. (Well..OK...he didn't exactly hasten.) I chose not to use anything from the first aid kit. He also told me I should go to urgent care and get stitches. I never even considered it.

I don't need any of that to heal. As I have said before, our bodies have an incredible capacity for self healing. This wound gives me a great opportuniy to use my own body to illustrate the point. I took the picture below about two hours after the injury. Each week for the next few weeks, and then every few weeks thereafter, I will post an updated picture so you can see the healing progress.

Here's the story behind the cut: As I was shaving on Friday morning, my cat, Angel, was on the counter drinking out of a heavy pyrex bowl that I keep on the counter for her to drink from. She likes pushing the bowl around on the counter with her paws and has never knocked it off of the counter. Until Friday. The bowl came down with a crash and broke into several large pieces, one of which carved a nice new groove into my leg.

I have not used anything external to treat the injury. I didn't scrub it out; I let it bleed for awhile to cleanse itself. I didn't use any antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, aloe vera, tea tree oil or anything of the sort. None of that is as powerful as Nature's design. I did apply some of my own saliva to the wound. Saliva contains a protein called secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor (SLPI) which has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and other healing properties. (Why do you think animals lick their wounds?) In fact, if I could, I would lick it. I usually do that for cuts and scratches. But for me to lick this one -- on my lower leg -- I'd need to do a bit more yoga.

I invite you to follow me on this healing journey. You will see first hand that the innate wisdom of the human body -- unassisted -- is brilliant!

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