Thursday, May 22, 2008

If we are to have peace on Earth, we must first make peace with our own bodies.

This weekend we will celebrate Memorial Day, honoring the countless thousands Americans who have fallen in war. Tragic losses – all of them. Many decry war and feel that we should work toward peaceful solutions to conflict. But, realistically, can we have peace on earth when we are all fighting within ourselves? How many times have you said something like, “I’m fighting off a cold.” If we’re fighting ourselves, is it any wonder that we fight within our families…faiths…nations…?

The truth is that when you have a cold, your body is not fighting anything. What is happening is that your immune system is keeping you in harmony with your environment. Any health challenge, be it a cold or a chronic disease, is an opportunity for growth. When we understand that philosophy -- when we treat our selves with love and reverence -- then it becomes easier to embrace the idea that differences between people can be an opportunity for deeper understanding and love.

Love yourself; love your process. Peace will grow from there.

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