Thursday, May 1, 2008

Just Love Yourself!

I have a disease.

At least that’s how I thought for many years. After all, that’s what the doctors all told me. And I had the pain to prove it!

The truth is, and always has been, that I am a uniquely beautiful and perfect expression of The Divine. So are you!

Often when we experience pain and disease we rush to judgment against ourselves. We see our new challenge as something that is wrong – that needs to be fixed – something we need to fight. Remember that such experiences are not something external; they are an integral aspect of us. When we try to fight them, we are only fighting ourselves.

Rather than fight or try to “fix” yourself, just love yourself. It’s OK to seek medical care if that’s what seems right for you. Listen to your doctors, embrace what calls out you, ignore what doesn’t. Whatever decision you make, make it from a place of self love.

When we operate from self love, health challenges become an opportunity for creative expansion in our lives – life changes of our own design that open new doors and lead to positive new experiences. In my case, I was called into the healing arts. And facing my challenges has even made possible my current foray into endurance sports. Years ago, before I was diagnosed with arthritis, I never would have considered such craziness. Now, despite years of pain, I'm within two months of running my first Ironman.

Loving yourself goes deeper than accepting yourself. Just love yourself without feeling the need to accept or reject anything. And just loving yourself is more than loving yourself “just the way you are.” Just love yourself without regard to what you are, were, or might someday be.

Just love yourself!

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