Sunday, June 15, 2008

Healing is like a roller coaster – you may not know what’s over the next hill, but you can be sure it will be pretty exciting!

Healing does not follow a linear path. It is a journey with peaks and valleys…twists and turns. And the healing of my wound is unfolding as quite the journey indeed!

Shortly after my last post, the redness around the wound began to increase in size and became very tender to the touch. I was showing signs of a possible infection. Again, this led me to feel some fear, and I considered resorting to intervening in the healing process. Had I decided upon intervening, it would have been some sort of conservative self care – probably a hot compress – rather than falling back on the conventional medical paradigm.

At this point I suspect that I do have a minor infection but I’m not worried about it because I also have an immune system – standard equipment! The redness is receding significantly and the pain is almost gone. And it’s starting to itch like crazy...a sure sign of healing. What all of this means is that my immune system is keeping me in harmony with my internal and external environment. Is that cool or what!?

This wound is a gift! It’s yet another chapter in a healing saga of many years that has taught me valuable lessons about myself and Spirit. Our bodies are classrooms – universities – vehicles for deeper healing, evolution, transformation, and even ascension.

As my fears surfaced this past week, I turned to my loving partner, Cricket Windsong, who is a practitioner in the Shamanic Arts. Her patient wisdom and guidance allowed me to rediscover some important things that I already knew, but were being obscured by my fears:

I am a being of beauty and perfection!
• Don’t try to judge what beauty and perfection should look like.
• Sometimes intervention can be appropriate, but the decision to intervene must come from a place of love, not fear.
• The wisdom of Nature is brilliant in its simplicity.
• That same breathtaking wisdom is found within my own physical body.
• My healing proceeds in its own perfect time, and not according to what happens to be on my weekly planner.

Oh yeah!

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