Friday, February 29, 2008

Empower Your Potential!

Empower your potential, not your problems!

Last Thursday evening at my Toaastmasters meeting, one of our officers passed around a get well card for all of us to sign for a club member who will be undergoing surgery soon. I almost couldn't bring myself to sign it.

Inside the card, in big black type, were the words: "You're sick!" I didn't want to affix my signature to such a disempowering declaration. But the woman the card was for is a very special person to all of us in the club. She is a loving grandmotherly type, is a wonderful speaker and storyteller, and always has a big smile and heartfelt kind words for all of us. So I really wanted to wish her well. What I wrote in the card was:
"You are a beautiful and perfect being!
-- Not sick --
Beautiful and perfect."

While it is true that she has a very serious diagnosis, it is even more true that she has some serious human potential. We all do!

Remember the law of attraction -- what we say and think is what we attract into our lives. Do we want to be laying "sick" on those close to us, and ourselves...or beauty and perfection?

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