Saturday, September 1, 2007

Beauty and Perfection!

When I tell you that you are a being of beauty and perfection, what I mean is that you were born with a powerful and wondrous life force within you. You always have 100% of that life force. Any pain, symptoms or disease you experience are simply the result of factors that interfere with the expression of that life force. The key to vibrant health is to maximize your life expression. It’s that simple.
Many people flatly reject the idea that they are beings of beauty and perfection. With crossed arms and cocked eyebrows they ask me, “So, if I’m so perfect -- if I have all this life force inside of me, then why do I hurt? Why am I sick?”
In my wellness seminars I use two pinecones to illustrate the concept. One of the pinecones is fresh and new. I marvel aloud at the natural artistry of its color and symmetry. The second pinecone is cracked and faded, and not nearly as attractive as the first. Grasping the top of the fresh cone between my thumb and forefinger, I point out that the gravitational force of the earth is operating at 100%, everywhere, at all times. I then ask, “So if gravity is so perfect, why doesn’t this pinecone fall to the ground?” Well, anyone can answer that; I am holding it up. In other words, my hand is interfering with gravity’s ability to fully express itself on the pinecone and pull it to the ground. When I let go, the pinecone falls. Every single time. The dangling pinecone is a vivid illustration of what can happen with life force. When something interferes with the expression of our life force we get hung up with pain and disease. When we remove the interference we are free.
I continue the pinecone example by explaining that the pinecone is the flower of the tree. As the cone grows on the tree, seeds develop inside of it. When the seeds mature, the pinecone blossoms and the seeds flutter away on the breeze. When a seed falls to the ground it will absorb water, nutrients from the soil and radiant energy from the sun. In time it will germinate and grow into a beautiful, magnificent, vibrant pine tree.
Even as the pinecone fades and becomes brittle, the seeds retain their life force, sometimes for decades to come. In the early pages of her inspiring book, The Sequoia Seed, Karen Wright describes how the largest living being on our planet, the majestic Sequoia tree, begins life “as a tiny seed smaller than a flake of oatmeal.” She goes on to tell us, “Its egg-sized cone can lie undisturbed on the forest floor for fifty years before surrendering its seeds.”
When one of these seeds finally makes its way into the soil, what happens? It will germinate and grow into a majestic Sequoia. As long as a seed has life remaining within it, it has 100% percent of the potential for vibrance that a seed from the newest, freshest pinecone has.
Therein lies the important lesson for us humans:

The frailest, sickest person in the world is as completely alive
as the strongest, and has the same potential to enjoy vibrant health.

The only difference between a sick person and a healthy one is that the healthy person is expressing more life. Nature intended for life—your life—to be robust and vibrant. So let there be no doubt…
You are a being of beauty and perfection!

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