Sunday, September 7, 2008

Live your life as a best seller – not as a rough draft.

There is one key process necessary to transform a rough draft into a best seller…


As I mentioned in a previous post, I am currently in the process of putting the finishing touches on my soon-to-be-published book. I actually “finished” the book a couple of years ago. And it was pretty darn good. I thought it was great, but it wasn’t…yet. In truth, I later realized, it was just good.

Any writer will tell you that when you finish writing a book, you have really only just begun. After I finished my first draft, I had a lot of very smart people read and comment on my manuscript. They gave me some insightful, no holds barred feedback that enabled me to upgrade my manuscript to very good.


That was a year ago. Then it sat as I tried to find the perfect publisher for my sure fire blockbuster.

Since then, I have gone through somewhat of a spiritual awakening and entered into a new relationship. When Cricket and I had been together for a few months, she read my manuscript. She sold me that the writing didn’t sound like me any more. I realized that my book had not yet caught up with my life. So we both went through it cover to cover and wrote a complete revision.

More refinement…

Now we’re going through the process yet again. If you were to look at the revised manuscript today, you would see hundreds more handwritten markings and notes – on every page – from beginning to end.

Even more refinement...

The end product will be a book that is great!

Writing and refining a book is a wonderful metaphor for life and health. After I “finished” my book for the first time, what I really had was a first draft. It was pretty good, but still had a long way to go to become great. But…the potential to become great was there.

Your life today is but a draft of what it has the potential to become. There are opportunities every day to make refinements to your life and health: Improving your nutrition…exercising…regular chiropractic adjustments…more fun…deepening your spiritual practice…the list goes on. So today, decide on one refinement you can make, then follow through. As time unfolds, continue making more and more refinements.

You can live a pretty good life as a draft, or you can work toward a “best seller” life. The choice is yours.

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