Sunday, December 7, 2008

Life is a roller coaster. Have fun!

Last Sunday I got to do something I've been waiting to do for 38 years!

When I was 12 years old, my family went on a vacation that included a drive up the coast of California. One stop was in Santa Cruz where we got to frolic on the beach. Santa Cruz has a great boardwalk with a classic old roller coaster. Unfortunately, even as close as we were, we didn't get a chance to go on it.

Well, last weekend, Cricket and I visited her family in the San Jose area for the Thanksgiving holiday and we spent a day on the coast. Late in the afternoon, as the sun was sinking low over the ocean, we made it to the boardwalk and went on the roller coaster -- The Giant Dipper.

Cricket and Me in Front of The Giant Dipper
(Isn't she beautiful?)

Needless to say, I was thrilled!

The Giant Dipper is relatively small compared to the mega roller coasters at newer amusement parks. Small, maybe, but WAY exciting! The ride starts out by twisting and turning through a surprisingly long, completely dark tunnel. Then, after emerging into the light, you have the thrilling ups and downs that are the reason for going on a roller coaster in the first place. We had a blast!

The Giant Dipper is a perfect metaphor for life and health. You start out in the darkness, twist and turn through a tunnel, then emerge into the light. Once outside, the roller coaster is a thrilling succession of ups and downs. And we do it on purpose. It's not an accident. We anxiously and happily climb into the car because we know it's going to be FUN!

Today, I happen to be diggin' life. Totally! Other days can be more challenging. But I'm living on purpose, relishing all of the ups and downs. Every one of them!

As I've written before, life is a roller coaster. Enjoy the ride!!!

Here's a video of the Giant Dipper that I found on YouTube.
(I've never met Aaron.)

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