Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stop worrying so much about IT. Start taking care of YOU!

In recent years, we have been searching for something new, different and better in our approach to health and well-being. Since 1997, people in the United States now pay more visits to alternative healthcare practitioners such as chiropractors, acupuncturists and homeopaths than to medical doctors. We have thousands of natural and conventional remedies and therapies, and new ones continue to emerge. Yet, as a society, our health continues to decline. So, what are we missing…?


Even though people are looking outside the medical box, we still have not experienced a fundamental shift in thinking when it comes to our health. Today’s healthcare system—conventional and alternative—seems to ignore health and life. Our overarching concern is disease. We have countless names for the ills that befall us. But there is one name that fits them all: “IT”

We are consumed by IT.

Fighting IT.
Finding a cure for IT.
Losing IT and keeping IT off.
“Let me kiss IT and make IT feel better.”
IT cetera, IT cetera, IT cetera...

We do not have a health care system; we have a disease care system. And again, that holds true for the alternative market as much as the conventional one. We may be buying more herbs and vitamins rather than pharmaceuticals to fight IT, but we still worry mainly about IT.

Well, guess what? IT is YOU!

That’s right. As with vibrant health, IT comes only from within. Sure, there may be external factors in play such as pathogens, trauma, poor nutrition or stress, but all of that needs to be experienced, interpreted and integrated before your body can express IT. Ultimately, IT—however IT manifests—comes from within.

When you fight IT you are only fighting yourself. So stop fighting. Find peace with yourself. That does not mean to “give up and just learn to live with IT.” Just stop devoting all of your time, energy and money to your disease, pain or weight, and start paying attention to your life. Concern yourself with enhancing your life and maximizing your life expression. Place your priority on life, rather than IT, with your loved ones, too. “Let me kiss you and make you feel better.”

Understanding that IT is you does not mean to blame yourself for IT, but it does allow you to take responsibility for your life. Blame anchors you in the past, leaving you with a feeling of powerlessness, whereas taking responsibility gives you strength by allowing you to shape your future.
Stop worrying so much about IT and start taking care of you.

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