Sunday, December 27, 2009

Empower your potential, not your problems!

What an exciting year 2009 has been! Thank you for traveling this journey with me. Here are my Top Ten Healthy Thoughts for 2009. And make sure you read beyond the quotes so that you can also enjoy more beautiful Nature photography, a couple of great videoas, and my number one favorite book!

Empower your potential, not your problems.
This is my all time favorite. (So far...!)

You can't change. You can only hide or emerge.

You are more than just the main character in your life story. You're also the writer, the producer and the director.

Are you hoping for a healing miracle? The miracle is already inside of you, just waiting to be released…

Exercise is for elevating your spirit, not just your heart rate.

Stop worrying so much about IT. Start taking care of YOU!

Each moment, you are in the process of becoming.

It's not whether you have the time; it's whether you take the time.

Sometimes the fog that shrouds the beauty has a beauty all its own.

Your health can change in two ways: by design, or by default. Make 2009 your year of design.
(Well, how did this one go...?)

The Photos:

The Breathtaking Synergy of Nature; Selkirk Mountains, North Idaho

Coeur d'Alene Resort Marina, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Chimney Rock in the Fog; Selkirk Mountains, North Idaho

Maiden Rock, Lake Pend Oreille, North Idaho

The Videos:

Talk about potential!!!

We are designed to live in harmony with Nature!

AND...My favorite book! (I wrote it!)

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See you next year!
Dr. Mark William Cochran
Chiropractor, lightworker, energy healer, writer, speaker
Sandpoint and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Visit From St. Nick – To His Chiropractor!

by Dr. Mark William Cochran

'Twas the night before Christmas, and at the North Pole
Jolly Old Saint Nick was getting ready to go.
Mrs Claus said, "You must fly now, before it get's dark.
Your first stop this year is to see Dr. Mark."

"Dr. Mark?" he asked as he filled his last sack,
"Why go to the Chiropractor? I've no pain in my back."
She said, "Having your spine checked is simply essential!
It's not about pain, it's about releasing potential."

"Okay, okay!" laughed the jolly old elf.
You're right. I need to take care of myself."
He gave her a kiss and he dashed out the door.
His adjustment was scheduled promptly at four.

I knew they had arrived when I heard on my roof,
The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.
They had far to go and had traveled many a mile.
And I greeted each one with a hug and a smile.

I said, "This is your big night. It's not a vacation.
Let's make sure you are free of subluxations.
First of all Santa, I will check your spine.
Then I will check your reindeer--all nine!"

You know," Santa sighed, "If the truth be told,
My body's slowing down, I think I'm just gettin' old."
I smiled, then I offered a gentle correction.
"Santa, you're a being of beauty and perfection!"

He said, "To travel the world in one night is quite pleasing.
But the weather…I'm either frying or freezing.
The deserts are scorching, the rain forests torrential,
And I love it! So I need to be at my maximum potential."

I spoke not a word, I went straight to my work.
I adjusted each spine with nary a twist nor a jerk.
After we finished, Santa said, "This is terrific.
All of your adjustments are so gentle and specific."

"This is cool!" he exclaimed, "My step feels so much lighter.
And just look at Rudolph. His nose is shining brighter!
Blitzen and Dancer, I've never seen them so spry.
Thank you so much. We are ready to fly!"

Then Santa paused and did thoughtfully ponder.
'Tis a wonderful thing that we do way out yonder.
The toys we deliver are all very fine.
But I wish you could come along and check each child's spine."

Then he sprang to his sleigh, to his team he yelled, "Whee!"
And away they all flew, subluxation free!
Then I heard him exclaim, as they flew o'er the city,
"Chiropractic adjustments are the gift of vitality!"

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Empowering outlook or limiting outlook? Your choice...

What do you choose to focus on?
In this photo...?
In your life...?

Until next time,
Dr. Mark William Cochran
Chiropractor, energy healer, lightworker
Sandpoint and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

You Are a Symphony!

A symphony is a beautiful musical composition performed by an orchestra made up of a large number of gifted musicians. These artists, with their diverse selection of instruments, play many different melodies in harmony with each other, bringing the symphony to life.

You are a symphony. More sophisticated than any orchestra, you consist of a vast array of complex systems, subsystems, organs, tissues, cells, and chemical and biomechanical processes. The adult human body is a thriving community made up of an estimated 75 trillion cells. These countless parts and processes work together to perform functions as obvious as the circulation of your blood, movement of your limbs, your thoughts and emotions, and perception of sensations such as heat and cold. They also include functions that take place on such a tiny scale that you are completely unaware of them. For example, the Kreb's Cycle—the cellular process that provides energy for cells to live and function—is generating energy in thousands of trillions of microscopic power plants throughout your body right now.

A thousand trillion looks like this: 1,000,000,000,000,000.

There are untold numbers of other functions, large and small, working in synergy in your inner universe, nonstop. For you to live—to express life—everything from your major systems to your countless intracellular processes must play in harmony. You are a wondrous and beautiful symphony.

Who conducts this magnificent symphony? Your life force. As long as your life force can express itself with no interference, you perform a harmonious and delightful symphony.

But what happens when there is interference? Let’s pretend that you are the world’s most gifted virtuoso violinist, performing with one of the world’s finest symphony orchestras. Suppose an audience member walks up onto the stage and stands in front of you, completely blocking your view of the conductor. Would you be able to play your part of the symphony? Of course you would. You are, after all, the greatest violinist in the world. You can still read your music, listen to the other musicians and play along with them. Even so, would your performance be flawless? Perhaps not; a bit of disharmony may result from the lack of communication between you and the conductor. Since you are such a gifted violinist, probably nobody but you will notice the disharmony. In other words, the life expression of the orchestra is diminished, but to such an insignificant degree that no “symptom” manifests.

Now, what if 25 more people joined the first on stage, each one blocking a different musician’s view of the conductor? Will these musicians be able to play their part of the symphony? Of course they will; this is the world’s finest orchestra. But will it be the orchestra’s best possible performance? Probably not, because so many musicians are unable to see the conductor. Now, because of all of the interference, the disharmony may become noticeable to the audience. We now have a symptom in the symphony.

For the orchestra to come back into harmony, an important factor would be for the musicians to be able to follow the conductor’s directions without the interference of the stage crashers. The first response would be an innate one—the musicians would simply shift their positions a bit so they could see the conductor. If the trespassers continued to block the musicians’ view, an usher might ask them politely to leave. If they remained, then someone could call security and have them forcibly ejected from the concert hall. Once they were gone, the orchestra would be able to play beautifully again, because that is what orchestras do. The point is that the orchestra is inherently capable of restoring the harmony it lost due to the interference. Even if the source of interference is removed by external means, ultimately, the orchestra’s ability to return to a state of harmony is due to the talent of the musicians and the conductor, rather than the security guards who removed the interference.

Until next time,
Mark William Cochran
Chiropractor, energy healer, lightworker
Sandpoint and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

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