Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pur-r-r pur-r-r...

"Pur-r-r-r, pur-r-r-r."
My cat, Mochi

Mochi is more than just a treasured friend; he’s also my Guru.

As I was sitting in front of my computer screen scanning my collection of profound quotes for just the right pearl to share with you this week, I became aware of Mochi curled up on my lap (his favorite place), purring away. He was the picture of peace, love and contentment. As I tuned in to his soft purring, my cares drifted away and a feeling of bliss came over me. I closed my eyes, turned off my thinking mind and became aware of the true beauty of the world surrounding me – Mochi’s purring, the whispering of the wind, the music of the rain on my window. I sat for quite awhile enjoying it and reconnecting with what life really means.

Then I told Mochi, “Hey dude, you get the quote this week.” He said, “pur-r-r-r, pur-r-r-r.”

The most beautiful, profound messages are always the simplest. And often, they’re the most obvious, yet the ones we completely overlook. Take a moment right now to look around, listen, open your heart and learn from the beautiful wisdom that surrounds you in this very moment.

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