Thursday, January 24, 2008

There are Demons Lurking...

We can't exorcise demons. We can only bring them back home.

We all have our demons.

Over the last couple of weeks, one of my old demons has emerged, big time. (I won’t go into detail.) What was my first reaction? I wanted to “exorcise” it, of course. Isn’t that what anybody would want to do?

The demons I’m talking about are our old, hidden fears and stresses that limit our potential. There are countless techniques for “clearing” these demons. But you can’t clear them. They aren’t external. They’re you!

Your demons are nothing more than errant vibes that are out of resonance with your very complex energy field. And because they manifest themselves from your own energy field, that’s where their energy comes from. The more you try to fight them, the more energy you’re giving them and the stronger they get. When you fight them, you feed them!

Demons are always an opportunity for deeper healing. When they arise, embrace them…listen to them. They will give you great insight. Then love them! Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe. Continuous love streaming to your demons will eventually tune them back in.

You can't send your demons away; you can only bring them back home.

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