Saturday, January 12, 2008


"The only person with enough power to stop you is YOU."
Ed Hearn
2006 World Champion of Public Speaking

You are unstoppable! get in your own way.

When Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen set out to publish Chicken Soup for the Soul, they were rejected by 130 publishers.


But they kept going. Now they have sold over 100 million books. That's 100,000,000!!!

What if they had given up after the first rejection...or the 10th...or the 100th?

Whatever you set out to accomplish, you can do it. On the way, you will no doubt make some mistakes, take a few wrong turns, and make a few miscalculations. There may also be some circumstances and people who knock you down. Temporarily.

Just remember that regardless of what happens, you can't lose the game until you throw in the towel.

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