Sunday, January 31, 2010

The World Around You Is Your Mirror

What Kind of People Live Here?
(My version of an old parable)

A young drifter was riding the range looking for a town where he could settle down. He rode into a small town, stopped at the general store and ambled in to visit the proprietor.

"What kind of people live here?" he asked.

"Well,” replied the storekeeper, “What kind of people were in the last town you lived in?"

“A buncha no accounts,” complained the newcomer. “Nothin' but mean, selfish thieves and liars. All they cared about was themselves, and they'd just as soon rob ya as look atcha.”

“Ya best ride on, cowpoke. You'll find nothing but the same in this town."

A few days later another traveling cowhand rode into town. He, too, stopped in to visit the owner of the general store.

"What kind of people live here?" he asked.

As before, the storekeeper answered, “What kind of people were in the last town you lived in?"

“Good folk; all of ‘em. Honest and hard workin,’” replied the young traveler. “Why, they'd give the shirt right off their back just to help a poor ol’ stranger.”

“Stick around, young feller,” smiled the storekeeper. “The folks hereabouts are just the same.”

Until next time,
Dr. Mark William Cochran
Chiropractor, lightworker, energy healer, writer, speaker
Sandpoint and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

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