Sunday, February 7, 2010

Healing is a lot like learning to snowboard...

Atop Schweitzer Mountain
Photo by Kathleen Cricket Windsong, 2009

My tailbone hurts. Still.

Last Sunday, Cricket and I hit the slopes on Schweitzer Mountain. We had a great time, as always.

I just started snowboarding last year and I'm getting better and better the more I ride. That doesn't mean that each time is progressively better than the last.

A couple of weeks ago, on a Friday night, I felt like I took a quantum leap forward in my skill level. I was doing things I had never done and going places I had never gone. Then, just two days later, I felt like a raw beginner again. No matter how I hard I tried, I couldn't stay on my feet. Then, last Sunday, just a week ago, I did better than I had ever done prior. Even so, I took my most painful fall yet. Square on my sacrum, on solid ice, as I was getting into a lift line. Ouch! And I do mean OUCH!

As this past week has progressed, my symptoms have shifted. One morning I might feel relatively pain free and the next I may be awakened by throbbing pain. But I know that as long as I am doing what I need to do to facilitate the expression of life through Chiropractic, massage, yoga, more Chiropractic, more yoga, moderate physical activity, healthy nutrition, and plenty of clear water; I can trust the healing process.

Any human process -- snowboarding, educated learning, growing, and even healing a bruised bum -- entails ups and downs...ebs and flows.

Healing is change, growth and evolution. It is a dynamic, ever-changing cycle directed by an Innate Intelligence that is more brilliant and complex than your educated mind can even begin to comprehend.

Trust your Innate Intelligence!

Until next time,
Dr. Mark William Cochran
Chiropractor, lightworker, energy healer, writer, speaker
Sandpoint and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

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