Sunday, January 18, 2009

A timeless truth that bears repeating: You -- yes YOU -- are beautiful and perfect!

A life of vibrant health pulses within you, and is waiting to be released. There is one critical step that you must take to begin revealing the vibrant health within you.

That step is to recognize and embrace what I call The Basic Truth:

You are beautiful and perfect!

Yes, you are beautiful and perfect.

When I tell people that they are beautiful and perfect, a common objection is, “I’m not perfect; only God is perfect.” You are a creation of God, made in His image. Would you suggest that one of God’s creations is anything but perfect? Any such opinion is a human judgment—nothing more. “Well then,” you may ask, “aren’t beauty and perfection judgments, too?” The way I see it, beauty and perfection are divine truths. The way to rise above judgment is to acknowledge them as The Basic Truth and recognize that, whenever we are unable to see the beauty and perfection in ourselves or others, it is because we are looking through human filters darkened by a lifetime of fear, conditioning, others’ judgments and a multitude of other shadows.

The suffering soul hobbling down the street bent over in pain is beautiful and perfect, as is his athletic cousin who springs up six flights of stairs. An ailing octogenarian with a terminal disease is just as beautiful and perfect as her healthy, happy newborn great grandchild.

If you desire to enjoy robust health, The Basic Truth is your most empowering point of departure.

Have a vibrant week!
Mark William Cochran
Coeur d'Alene and Sandpoint, Idaho

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